Dessert Potluck Resiliency Conversation June 20 7PM

The Ideal Grange Hall Potluck

There will be dessert!

The Corps of Resiliency is hosting a dessert potluck and informal discussion at the Grange Hall tonight, Wednesday June 20, at 7PM. The topics for discussion will center around these areas:

How do we increase the resiliency of our island community in the face of an uncertain future?
How can we work together to prepare for “natural” disasters like storms and earthquakes?
What has your family done to increase its food or energy security?
Are there things we can buy or make together that will help?

And of course the floor is open to other questions and ideas. The conversation will be based on the successful model of the Growers Circle Coffee Hour at the Grange (drinking coffee at a table, asking for guidance on a specific problem in food growing, getting a lot of suggestions, advice, wisdom and humor from the others at the table, and then hearing another person ask the next question).

So, please come, bring some dessert to share, whatever show-n-tell item you want to present, your questions, ideas, attitude, humor…

Free and open to all.

Did I mention there will be dessert?

Roger Ellison, Corps of Resiliency member


About rogergranger

Nurseryman, designer of edible woodlands, Overseer and Rental Agent of the San Juan Island Grange.
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