THE AGE OF LONELINESS: Cultivating Spirit through Environmental Activism

How can we stay hopeful, grounded, and engaged, while standing up for what we believe in? We live in an age of unprecedented climate chaos, polarizing politics, and a mass extinction previously unseen in human history. Whether we acknowledge it or not, the times we live in weigh heavily upon us.

In recent years, spirituality as become a vital component of activism; particularly in the environmental movement. Land-based spiritual activism and bio-regional resilience is the fertile edge of intersectional environmentalism.

Activism is not only marching and gathering signatures, resiliency means more than a full pantry and an emergency plan, and the environment is inseparable from ourselves. We must learn to recognize our place in the life of the world, and acknowledge the existential loneliness we are creating for ourselves as a species. We must learn to see our work as a part of a greater whole.

Join seasoned activist, herbalist, and educator Milla Prince at 6:30 p.m.  Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at the San Juan Island Grange for a discussion of how reconnecting with land, plants and the human community can help us build emotional and spiritual resilience.

The lecture will be preceded by a pop-in potluck dinner at 5:30. p.m. Join us for a meal, or just come for the lecture.

Milla Prince is a writer, wildcrafter, folk herbalist, local plant enthusiast, community organizer, teacher, filmmaker, activist, gardener.

Her work as an herbalist in the Pacific Northwest is deeply rooted in the practice of bio-regionalism, Earth Activism, and local resilience. It is her goal to empower folks to discover and revive their own ancestral, holistic traditions.

She was born and raised in boreal forests of Finland and now lives on unceded Coast Salish Territory in the Cascadia Bioregion.

The Age of Loneliness: Cultivating Spirit Through Environmental Activism is part of the Grange Lecture Series, which strives to foster social and political engagement, discussion, and to maintain our historical Hall as a home for celebrations and programs.

The San Juan Island Grange has been a community of growers, makers, and keepers since 1931.

The Grange is nonpartisan, and so is this event. All are welcome, including kids.


About rogergranger

Nurseryman, designer of edible woodlands, Overseer and Rental Agent of the San Juan Island Grange.
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One Response to THE AGE OF LONELINESS: Cultivating Spirit through Environmental Activism

  1. Lanny Cotler says:

    Dear Sisters and Brothers of San Juan Grange,

    I wish I could attend this event with you and Milla Prince. Unfortunately, I cannot. But I shall tell my Grange, Little Lake Grange #670, of Calif. about this event. We need this perspective, too.

    San Juan Grange for years has been an inspiration to us; you not only want to protect the “cultivated places” of community, but also seem to respect and honor the wild, the untamed places—the wilderness.

    My partner and I, of ClassWarFilms, made a one-hour documentary of the founding and betrayal of the 1964 Wilderness Act (signed by LBJ). It is available online if any of you (or all of you!) would like to see it. A high res version is here .

    My best wishes for a wonderful event,

    Lanny Cotler Little Lake Grange #670 Willits, CA


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