Greetings Sisters and Brothers!

Our regular business meeting will be next Wednesday, May 3rd at 7pm.  Because there is a Community Dinner at the Friday Harbor High School that evening (an early Cinco de Mayo and the last community dinner of this school year), let’s forgo our usual potluck and support that if you can.

We have several things as Grangers to be grateful for:

On Wednesday, April 19th we hosted the San Juan Pomona’s Art Contest that was judged by several members of the State Grange, including State Master Tom Gwin.  There were over 80 entries, and our Worthy Family Living Chair Deirdre Morris did a fabulous job soliciting many inspiring and accomplished entries. Deirdre, along with Worthy Chaplain Katy Nollman, also gathered homemade pies to raise several hundred dollars and  new members for our Grange during the subsequent Open House!  Thank you to all the organizers, artists, pie bakers, and supporters through donations and memberships!  (Not only that, but the State Grange visitors were able to witness the final inspection for the Deck structure—see below!)

Then on Thursday, April 27th our Worth Lecturer Glenn Hendrick organized a fantastic showcase of local young musicians from Friday Harbor High School and Spring Street International School, coordinated by John Wheatley, for a packed concert at the Hall.  So much budding and developed talent!  It was so fun to experience our Grange Hall filled with the talented youth of our community!  Donations were collected for our local schools’ music programs.  Thank you Glenn and John and all those who performed and attended!

Last but by far not least is the ongoing work of our Building Committee!  Have you seen the Deck recently?   I did at the youth concert, and it is so exciting to see the railings going up and the beginnings of the decking in front of the French doors. Check it out yourselves!  Thank you Malcolm and Roger and Steve for your fortitude, perseverance, and attention to detail!

I’m looking forward to meeting with you all soon and celebrating these achievements with you!

Fraternally, Boyd C. Pratt, 2017 Master, San Juan Island Grange 966



About rogergranger

Nurseryman, designer of edible woodlands, Overseer and Rental Agent of the San Juan Island Grange.
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