There will come a time when working with our hands, eyes and physical materials will once again be at the center of our culture. Restraints on technology and energy use, caused by climate change and the end of the petroleum era, will create a need in all of us to learn new skills and abilities. And many of these “new” skills will not be new at all; they will be the traditional skills of growing, preparing and preserving foods and housing and clothing our families.

The Grange arose during a previous time of upheaval for American families, during the post civil war emergence of national markets that rewrote the rules for farmers everywhere. The Grange responded by offering self-help instruction to rural families in farming techniques, home economics, and the visual and social arts.


At San Juan Island Grange we are proud to continue this tradition with our Grange Arts Contest. Islanders are invited to bring in examples of their art, photography, crafts, needle arts, baking and food preservation to the Grange Hall on April 19th. Entries may be brought in between 11AM and 1PM. All work will be displayed along with its ribbons at our Open House from 1PM to 6PM. All are welcome! Please email Deirdre Morris at d2morris@gmail.com with any questions.


About rogergranger

Nurseryman, designer of edible woodlands, Overseer and Rental Agent of the San Juan Island Grange.
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