SAN JUAN ISLAND GRANGE: A Community of Growers since 1931.

2013-09-25 16.59.15MISSION: To support a resilient community of growers, makers, and keepers, to foster social and political engagement, and to maintain our Hall as a home for celebrations and programs.

Resilient Community: Grange members grow food and fiber, make music and artifacts, keep house and livestock. Likewise do we grow in our skills and knowledge, make a meaningful life for our families, and keep this island in good health for future generations.  In our programs we learn and teach the skills of living in this special place, because we believe that a resilient community skilled in the arts of living can weather whatever  storms the future may bring.

Engagement: The Grange is political, but not partisan. We take stands on issues, not on candidates. For instance, in 2012 San Juan Island Grange #966 endorsed the initiative to ban the growing of GMO crops in our county. We also believe that a community that plays together stays together, so we make sure we have plenty of potlucks and other social events on our calendar.

Maintain our Hall: We are known to the public by the San Juan Island Grange Hall in Friday Harbor, a beautiful wooden building originally built as a church in the 1880’s. Recognizing its value to our island community, we vow to take care of it so that it can serve its function as a cultural venue for years to come.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 at the Grange Hall at 152 First Street North in Friday Harbor. Visitors are welcome.





Context Garden and ShedAt our September 2, 2015 regular business meeting we adopted a Resolution Concerning Proposed Greenhouse Regulations in San Juan County.  In addition to sending the resolution to the San Juan County Council with a request for actions that align with this resolution, the Executive Committee also sent a letter to the editors to the local media (see below).  The Grange appreciates this opportunity to engage in this important issue and we hope that you will join us for our October 3rd Friday Harbor Fall Farm Parade,
Let Our People Grow!

The San Juan Island Grange #966 (Grange) has adopted a resolution concerning San Juan County’s (SJC) proposed greenhouse regulations. Our mission, in addition to fostering social and political engagement, is “to support a resilient community of growers, makers, and keepers.” The Grange recognizes the importance of agriculture and food security in the sustainability of our island community. Many of our members are growers and use greenhouses for both home-use and for farm operations. Greenhouses are essential infrastructure in order to extend the growing season, and for farmers to increase their income.

The Grange has determined that the July 21, 2015 proposed SJC code amendments and new sections would place an undue burden on both home and commercial growers who depend upon the use of greenhouses. Furthermore, the proposed code amendments and new sections are in conflict with SJC Code 18.30.052 Right to farm and forestry provisions, and are also contrary to the Economic Development Element’s goals and actions in support of agriculture, as adopted unanimously by the current SJC Council.

We appreciate that some neighbors of greenhouses have experienced impacts related to artificial light emissions, the size and/or scale of the structure, noise, and odors. We recognize that these same impacts have also been experienced by neighbors with regard to other types of structures and associated activities. The Grange asks that if these issues are addressed that they be addressed by amending the existing sections of the SJC code for all structures.

This community has deep roots in a rural, agrarian economy, and if we want to stay connected to our heritage, we need to welcome the active agricultural use of our neighbors’ properties. The Grange applauds efforts to increase our ability to grow our own food.

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Updates From Mike September 1, 2015

heronsurfPART ONE

At the meeting on June, 2015, we resolved to be representatives of our living planet who apply the scientifically correct Einstein Unified Field Equation. To accomplish this it is helpful to be aware of some simple facts and powers that the Equation provides each of us:

An equation is tool or formula for being reasonable that provides us with a mathematically correct blueprint that is balanced and fair. It produces equality for all its parts. For example, 2 + 2 = 4 is an equation that conveys scientific truth that is similar to the formula H2O or CO2.

The parts of Organism Earth that are in the equation are the plant, animal, mineral and energy community and that includes each of us. We are part of its Web-of-Life and its Unified Field essence.  In the Web, we alone are gifted with the special ability to speak and act from stories and labels, be they accurate or inaccurate.

We undeniably, self-evidence experience in the world of today’s advanced science and technology that scientifically inaccurate labels and stories often pollute our thinking and deteriorate our living Planet.

We know that objective science and technology are runaway because their story makes them exclude the non-measurable, the “subjective.” The latter consists of the self-balancing  dance of sensitivities,  senses and sensations throughout the Web-of-Life. That Dance of the Unified Field is what keeps Earth pure, self-correcting and in equilibrium. In the Dance no garbage is produced while Earth’s optimums of life, diversity and peace strengthen.  When our stories help us dance it dancing the Dance helps us reverse our destructive ways.

Most of our relationships today omit the dance because we learn to practice the story of Objective Science rather than the organic story of Whole-Life science. The latter includes the Subjective and helps us think like Nature works.

The Equation works because it recognizes 54 human senses, sensations and feelings to be whole-life facts of planet life.  As such, it includes them in its powers. It enables each of us to create moments in natural areas that let Earth’s wisdom teach us what we need to know though our 54 senses. That 54 sense contact with the Unified Field enables us to think and build reasonable relationships with the Web-of-life.

A book is coming out in October about Transforming Higher Education.  It contains a Chapter that includes our Grange #966 resolution in full. A version of that Chapter is online at and the Council of a city in Michigan is considering to adapt it for themselves

For Further Information visit


A group of Grange members who are interested in helping the Grange and its members be Ambassadors for Planet Earth met by email this summer to share ideas about how to best accomplish this. Most supported these thoughts:

We are each unique personifications of the Unified Field at any given moment. Our reasoning has to decide how to remain true to the Field while we deal with the excessive disconnection of our society from it. That separation produces our Planet’s increasing deficit in its ability to support itself and us and the miseries this creates.

What might our Grange modify if it wanted to help its members be more Field-supportive personifications as Ambassadors? How might we attract more folks to being part of the Grange to help accomplish this for themselves and the Island and in that way overcome their former concerns about the Grange in these areas.

Ideas that were supported include:

Having a published version of the Equation next to the Bible at meetings so members knew they could choose a process or God that equally provided unconditional love for all members of the Web of Life, not just people.

We could identify star #42 in the next to the last row of the Flag as being that of the State of Washington. We could pledge specifically to our part of that star, so as to not be allied to USA laws and customs that are not supportive of the Unified Field or us as personifications of it..

We could drop using the term “worthy” before somebody’s name since we are all equally worthy as Unified Field personifications. Identifying one person as worthy insinuates that others in that moment are not as worthy, or that we/they need support as knowing ourselves to be worthy because they/we have not been taught that we are already worthy as personifications of the Unified Field or Earth.

The role of the Gatekeeper could be to welcome in each new person to a meeting as a personification in attendance.

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Context Garden and ShedOur next regular Business Meeting will on Wednesday, September 2nd at 7pm, preceded by our customary 6pm potluck.  One of the items that we will be discussing is a Draft Resolution Concerning Proposed Greenhouse Regulations in San Juan County, prepared by our Legislative Committee.  Members who have not seen the Draft Greenhouse Regulations Resolution can email Master Boyd Pratt at for a copy.

Join us for the resolution discussion and planning our activities for the rest of the year!

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1890 Images of SJI - Boundary survey camp fish creek_1897_0AUGUST 19th at 7:00pm: MAPPING THE SAN JUAN ISLANDS   Join Boyd Pratt, Doug McCutchen and Mike Vouri for a reprise and update of their evening of viewing 1890s images of the San Juan islands by the U.S. Coast Survey’s John Gilbert, contrasted with photographs taken from the same perspective today. Vouri will open the discussion with a look at the first survey of the islands by the Coast Survey’s naval assistant, Lt. Cmdr. James Alden, and surveyor and map maker George Davidson operating from the U.S. Coast Steamer Active from 1853-1860. Pratt will follow with insights on Gilbert’s land-use T-sheets. McCutchen will then present a series of slides that capture from the same perspective today the sites of Gilbert’s images.

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grange-movement-grangerThe National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, otherwise known as The Grange, has been involved in issue politics since its inception just after the Civil War.

All policy starts at the local level,  from county and community granges, such  such as our very own San Juan Island Grange, and is expressed as resolutions. Resolutions that are created to deal with local issues stay at the community grange level and are used to inform and guide local government. Those that deal with state and national issues then go on to the state conventions where delegates present their resolutions, argue for and against, and then vote for acceptance or rejection. The result is state grange policy, published in the form of a handbook to guide state legislators and administrators.

The process is democratic and participatory. I consider the Grange to be the people’s legislature, an institution crucial to the self-governance Americans are justly proud of.

San Juan Island Grange has adopted several resolutions recently to express our views on issues we find important, such as marijuana production, global climate change, GMO’s and the safety of crude oil trains. You can find these resolutions here: SAN JUAN ISLAND GRANGE #966 RESOLUTIONS

Washington State Grange publishes the results of its resolution process in a handbook: WA State Grange Legislative Handbook


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Roger Ellison

Roger Ellison sampling something tasty at a recent Grange potluck.

We are delighted to announce that as of today we have a new Rental Agent for our San Juan Island Grange #966 Hall: Roger Ellison.  Roger is taking over from the capable hands of Noreene Ignelzi, who has been managing the Hall rentals for many years—thank you Noreene!
You can reach Roger by leaving a message at the Hall phone number (360) 378-6632  or email him at .

Welcome Roger!

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010Greetings Brothers and Sisters!  We hope that your summer has been a productive and enjoyable!

We’re not having an August business meeting (we usually skip it because everyone’s so busy!) BUT there is a way you can contribute to a wonderful fundraising project for our deck! Doug Rowan is heading up an effort along with Carter Fuehr-Bush to make 100 8-ounce jars of blackberry jam to sell for the building the deck on our Hall. They will put them up, but they do need blackberries, so let’s get picking! You can contact Doug at or call him at (206) 399-3286 or (360) 298-7372 to deliver your berries or help with canning.

Thank you and hope to see you at the Fair!

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