SAN JUAN ISLAND GRANGE: A Community of Growers since 1931.

2013-09-25 16.59.15MISSION: To support a resilient community of growers, makers, and keepers, to foster social and political engagement, and to maintain our Hall as a home for celebrations and programs.

Resilient Community: Grange members grow food and fiber, make music and artifacts, keep house and livestock. Likewise do we grow in our skills and knowledge, make a meaningful life for our families, and keep this island in good health for future generations.  In our programs we learn and teach the skills of living in this special place, because we believe that a resilient community skilled in the arts of living can weather whatever  storms the future may bring.

Engagement: The Grange is political, but not partisan. We take stands on issues, not on candidates. For instance, in 2012 San Juan Island Grange #966 endorsed the initiative to ban the growing of GMO crops in our county. We also believe that a community that plays together stays together, so we make sure we have plenty of potlucks and other social events on our calendar.

Maintain our Hall: We are known to the public by the San Juan Island Grange Hall in Friday Harbor, a beautiful wooden building originally built as a church in the 1880’s. Recognizing its value to our island community, we vow to take care of it so that it can serve its function as a cultural venue for years to come.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 at the Grange Hall at 152 First Street North in Friday Harbor. Visitors are welcome.





seed exchange 2016Bring your seeds, cuttings, scionwood, bulbs, tubers and plants to a potluck-style swap at the Grange Hall, have fun comparing notes with other Growers, and go home with something for your garden or orchard.  There will be a presentation on seed saving and storage, and a sales table of vegetable and flower seeds from the Grange’s own San Juan Seed Company. And bring something sweet for the dessert potluck, served at 7pm. FREE as part of our mission to “support a resilient community of growers, makers, and keepers…”

Call Lori Ann David at 378-0233 for more information.

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2015 officersSan Juan Island Grange #966 will have our February business meeting on Wednesday the 3rd beginning at 7pm and preceded by our usual 6 pm potluck.  On our agenda is consideration and hopefully ratification of our 2016 goals and priorities that we drafted at our Strategic Planning Meeting on January 27th.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

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POLYFACES POSTERSet amidst the stunning Shenandoah Valley in northern Virginia, Polyface Farm is led by Joel Salatin, “the world’s most innovative farmer” (TIME) and uses no chemicals and feeds over 6,000 families and many restaurants and food outlets within a 3 hour ‘foodshed’ of their farm. Polyfaces, a World of Many Choices, is a joyful film about connecting to the land and the community. Produced over 4 years it follows the Salatins, a 4th generation farming family who do ‘everything different to everyone else’ as they produce food in a way that works with nature, not against it. Using the symbiotic relationships of animals and their natural functions, they produce high quality, nutrient-dense products.

San Juan Island Grange is pleased to offer a pre-release screening as a fund-raiser for our deck project. Thank you Aurora Farms for making this possible!

Ticket sales at the door start at 6:30. Tickets are $12 each, or bring a friend for a 2-for-$20 special. Film starts at 7:00 and runs 96 minutes. Call 360-378-0233 for more information.

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2016San Juan Island Grange #966 Executive Committee has determined to call a Special Meeting of the membership at 7pm on Wednesday, January 27th, for the purposes of Strategic Planning.  We hope to review our 2015 Strategic Plan, note what we have accomplished, and then develop a Strategic Plan for 2016.

Let’s make this a fun event by doing a dessert potluck so we can use all that sweetness and light to plan for our collective future! 


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CandlesHappy New Year!    San Juan Island Grange #966 hopes you all had wonderful holiday celebrations and looks forward to our sisterhood and brotherhood in 2016!  Our first business meeting of 2016 will be on Wednesday, January 6th beginning at 7pm and preceded by our usual 6 pm potluck.  We’ll conduct our traditional candle lighting ceremony to hail the New Year and then start planning for what we’re going to accomplish in 2016.

Looking forward to seeing you all of your shining new year’s faces!

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Warm Fire, Good Food, and DancingSOLSTICE FACEBOOK BUG

Come to the Grange Hall on Saturday December 19th for a Winter Solstice Celebration, a joint effort of 3rd Saturday Contra Dance and San Juan Island Grange #966. Dancing starts at 4:30 and a potluck dinner starts at 6:30.

The Hall will be decorated with greens and candles, and the fireplace will be crackling.

The band Continental Drift and caller Bob Nicholson, fresh from conducting traditional dances in Seattle, will be offering their presence as a fundraising benefit for the Grange.


Caller Bob Nicholson

Bob Nicholson has earned a reputation for calling wonderful dances for both beginners and experienced dancers, making everyone feel at home and part of the dance community.  

Continental Drift

Continental Drift

Continental Drift is comprised of Eric Anderson of Seattle and Eileen Nicholson of Syracuse NY. One listener at a recent show asked: “Do you believe only two people are making all that music?” Eileen grew up contra dancing along the East Coast, from Pennsylvania to New England, so knows how to keep feet moving for both contra and English country dancing. Eileen’s classical technique and rich tone compliment her various fiddle styles. Eric leads a busy schedule, taking the piano stool for such bands as Bandemonium, Fiddle Rats, Celticladda and Triangularity. He even played in a Friday Harbor band called Island Time. “But that was a looong time ago”, Anderson says.

Be prepared for a lot of good dance music. Liz Francis, 3rd Saturday Contra Dance organizer, said, “This band is remarkable. I can’t wait!”

Folks can dish up from the array of potluck offerings in the kitchen starting at 6:30. Easy dancing and family fun will be provided after dinner.

Please come, bring your family and guests, and a dish to share in the potluck. All dances will be taught, we will love the food you bring, and the cost will be reasonable: a suggested donation for adults of $10-20, for students $5-10. All proceeds will go to benefit the San Juan island Grange.

For more information:

Liz Francis at 378-3836

Alice Deane at 378-5250 or

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Tom Gwin

State Grange Master Tom Gwin

San Juan Island Grange #966 hopes that you all had wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations.  We have much to be thankful for and to celebrate, not the least of which is that State Grange Master Tom Gwin will be attending our next regular business meeting, Wednesday December 2nd, in order to install our newly-elected 2016 officers!  The meeting begins at 7pm, preceded by our usual 6 pm potluck; on this special occasion, let’s see what delicious dishes we can cook up for Worthy Master Tom.  And Farhad has agreed to play on our new piano as an opening song—so much to celebrate!  Let’s have a great turnout so we can show off our stuff.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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